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A dedicated purchase quotation dashboard will provide an overview of the purchase quotations that are sent out.

Provides you a tabular view of the quotations to help you to attain an overview of the purchase operations being conducted. Along with the option to view the window in many forms, you can customize the dashboard representation as you need.

Craft and design websites within minutes

Build attractive and exceptional websites with the Odoo website builder tool

The dedicated website builder tool available in the Odoo website module will help you to build eye-catching websites with ease.

What is Odoo Project Management?

Having a dedicated tool for the management of the project operation in a company can be beneficial for the managers as well as executives of a firm. Unlike the olden days, a major percentage of companies will be functioning with multiple projects and in the long run, the effective management of each of these projects will be long and unachievable without dedicated tools. This is where the advantage of the Odoo project module comes into action. With the capability of managing multiple project operations all at once for one central dedicated control system.

Run multiple sales sessions

The easy to use retail sales management tool

The all-in-one tool of the retail sales management operations Odoo POS is equipped with an advanced functional interface and dashboard helping you to run multiple sales sessions at an instance.


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Save infrastructure cost and overhead cost

Flexible working hours with 5 days/week and 8 hours/day

Follow industry coding standards and guarantee data protection

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