Compare Odoo Vs Netsuite

The key element of success for a corporate organization mainly depends upon the software applications they choose to function on. Furthermore, in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, this choice is very critical due to budget constraints.

Why choose Odoo over Netsuite?

Netsuite and Odoo are both ERP solutions that can be operated on a cloud. However, Odoo also supports on-premise hosting for users to be operating locally. The features of Odoo and Netsuite may go hand in hand but in comparison, Odoo ERP seems to have an extra nudge over the other. Moreover, the customization abilities of Netsuite are limited compared to Odoo which can be flexed to be operational in any mode of business. In comparison, one of the key aspects which Netsuite lacks is advanced HR management which is limited in feature comparison to Odoos HR management. Furthermore, the operations in Odoo are managed by designated modules of the platform which are limited in the Netsuite software. However, the module in Netsuite can be purchased separately providing certain flexibility but does not overweight the adaptability and customization feature of Odoo. In addition, comparing the background and success rate Odoo has over 7 million users which are higher compared to Netsuite which has only 30,000+ users.


Oracle NetSuite provides a suite of comprehensive cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning for mid-sized to corporate enterprises. The products for business management by Netsuite includes:

1. NetSuite ERP for inventory, supply chain, and financials

2. NetSuite CRM for sales and marketing

3. NetSuite Commerce for both web and on-site sales

4. NetSuite PSA for project management

Each of the products should be purchased separately which adds up to the flexibility of the ERP. Additionally, NetSuite also offers a separate variant of its platform to multinational companies called OneWorld, combining all the above products with multinational company management aspects such as handling company branches, multi-currencies, multi-accounting standards, tax specifications, etc. In addition, the SuiteApp for Netsuite provides more than 300 applications for various user-specific needs. Furthermore, there are only 30,000+ application users.

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